Tired of being stuck in the same old habits and patterns?


Coaching will save you time and money as you make the investment in yourself to chart a path forward into growth and transformation.

Stop feeling like you need to live out of your own strength.

  • Discover habits and patterns you didn’t even know were there, and learn how to break free from them.

  • Learn to take off your mask of personality and live into your true character.

  • See God’s unique creation in you, and chart a course for your individual path to growth and gospel transformation for your life.

Individual Coaching

Don't wait to begin your personal journey of discovery and self-awareness. To confirm your type, sign up for DISCOVER session. If you're ready to take a deep dive and learn to grow in your grace, compassion, and empathy, sign up for a full DISCOVER + EXPLORE package!

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Looking for something else?

Individual coaching isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’m happy to offer Coaching Sessions in a variety of setting in order to best serve you, which you can find below.

All coaching options are available online. Groups, teams, and workshops/conferences are also available in person.

Contact me today to let me know what you’re looking for, and we can work together to help you chart a path to freedom, growth, and transformation!


Other Coaching Options


Have you and your significant other felt like two ships passing in the night? Have you ever wondered what in the world makes her tick, or why you constantly fight about the same things again and again? Have you found yourself frustrated by habits he doesn’t even seem aware of?

Coaching can help you to see yourself and your partner more clearly in your relationship. You’ll both receive individual coaching, but see the positive effects on your relationship together. Sessions are scheduled from 1 hour.

Contact me today to learn more about how you can move towards transformation in your relationships!


We don’t really get to choose which family we belong to, and sometimes they just drive us crazy.

Family coaching can help unravel deep interpersonal dynamics and uncover core motivations behind each family member, opening your eyes to see each member more clearly, and allowing for more grace and compassion.

Sessions vary based on family size, but are generally scheduled for 2–4 hours. This allows for plenty of interaction, activities, discussion, reflection, questions, and care for each family member.

Groups & Teams

Let’s be honest. Whether it’s the workplace, our schools, or community circles, it’s hard to understand each other sometimes. Why is it that we instantly click with some people, and others just feel like nails on a chalkboard to us?

Team coaching can help you see a fuller and better understanding of what makes everyone tick. In the process, you’ll discover how God has uniquely created each of us in His own image, and how we all need each other to see the full picture of who He is. You’ll be a better leader and a better follower.

Move towards healthier team and staff dynamics and a transformed environment for your whole group.

Workshops run 3–4 hours minimum, and include activities and breaks. Individual Typing Interviews are also available in addition to the presentation.


Seminars & Conferences

If you’re looking for a dynamic presentation that will truly change the lives for those in attendance, then this is it.

Options are customized to best serve your needs and available from half day to multiple day conferences. Longer times allow for more participation and engagement with panels, breakouts, guided activities, and more.

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Interviews & More

I’m also available for interviews, podcasts, and one on one discussions. I love to talk about the Enneagram and its potential to help each of us live in freedom from our old habits and move toward true growth and transformation!

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Find freedom and experience gospel transformation.